Following the November 2016 election, a group of Philadelphia residents decided to work together to find a way to make a difference. They gathered other like-minded people who were eager to engage in Pennsylvania's political process and support strong, progressive candidates.


PROTECT&ELECT was established as a state PAC in 2017. We work to elect progressive candidates who will make positive changes in Harrisburg by promoting democratic values, equity and civility.

We focus on four ways to contribute to the political discussion:

  • Elect:  P&E recognizes how important it is to have fair representation in Harrisburg, which impacts our daily lives and sets the foundation for what happens nationally. We have vetted and endorsed many state House and Senate candidates, and have canvassed, made phone calls, written thousands of postcards and raised funds on their behalf.

  • Educate:  P&E facilitates informational seminars on topical subjects that impact Pennsylvania, and provides information to help everyone effect change in their community.

  • Register:  Now more than ever, the most important way to effect change is by active participation in our democracy. We not only vote; we help everyone to exercise their rights by registering eligible voters, including new citizens, and by promoting both in-person voting and voting by mail.

  • Digest:  P&E’s DIGEST provides regular updates on issues, candidates, events and ways to join other movements. 

    PROTECT&ELECT welcomes everyone to contribute in their own way, whether by attending educational events, campaigning, or supporting candidates financially.​ 


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Protect and Elect’s support was critical to my success in flipping a competitive seat from red to blue.  P&E’s early financial support, and enthusiastic postcard effort gave me the confidence and time to continue to knock doors and reach more voters. 

Melissa Shusterman

PA House 157th District