We invite you to get involved with PROTECT&ELECT. Help elect candidates who represent and will protect our democratic values and are committed to making our country more equitable and inclusive.  Below are activities to which we are committed. Select your areas of interest. Feel free to select more than one and sign up below.


    Help plan and/or attend quarterly meeting to learn about important issues,critical races, competitive candidate. Contribute articles/information to the P&E, Email and Digest.

    Develop a directory of people interested in participating in PROTECT&ELECT .
    Help develop this website. Help publish our P&E Digest.

    Help organize PROTECT&ELECT fundraisers to support candidates and learn about the issues.  This might include small group discussions/dinner groups.

    Vet candidates for P&E endorsements; support P&E efforts to help endorsed candidates win; conduct voter registration drives; participate in Get Out The Vote Actions, i.e. canvassing and postcard writing, be part of the writing team for the P&E Digest.

We respect your privacy. We will not share your personal information.